The ardent representation of persons accused of crimes, no matter what the circumstances, is a hallmark of the American system of justice. We respect that legacy and honor it.

Notable Cases

Meyer Law Office knows that the earlier that we can be involved in your case, the better the ultimate result. We cannot list (due to privacy concerns) the large number of clients who were never charged as a result of our office being pro-actively hired early. We urge you to consult with counsel when you first become aware that law enforcement has started an investigation of your alleged misconduct. For over thirty seven years, we have represented clients in a variety of matters, here is but a representative sample.

Sample Cases Dismissed Before Trial:

U.S. v. Johnsted, 12-CR-146-WMC

Trial Court: Hon. William Conley
West case cite: 30 F.Supp.3d 814 (WDWI 2013)
Summary of Case: Mr. Johnsted was indicted for having sent threatening letters in the U.S. Mail purportedly containing a dangerous powder. He was tied to the letters solely by means of an opinion rendered by a document examiner with the U.S. Postal Service. After examining the so called underlying science to handwriting comparison analysis, we decided to mount a Daubert challenge to the admissibility of the examiner's testimony. The trial court agreed and excluded the testimony. The government eventually dismissed the case before the commencement of trial. Click here to see a copy of the court's order to dismiss.

State of Wisconsin v. Jeremy Bergeron, Richland County Case No. 08 CF 98

Trial Court: Hon. Edward Leineweber
Summary of Case: Emblematic of the difficulty that a defendant faces when accused of committing arson, this case demonstrates what can be accomplished by a vigorous defense coordinated with aggressive work in a companion civil case. The state not only used their own resources against Mr. Bergeron, but also received financial and expert services from the insurance company in an attempt to obtain a conviction. After almost three years of fighting in court, the State conceded that it could not prove its case. Click here to see a copy of the state's motion to dismiss.

State of Wisconsin v. Peter Lain, Dodge County Case No. 09 CF 321

Trial Court: Hon. Brian A. Pfitzinger
Summary of Case: Some of the circumstances surrounding this case have a striking similarity to the Columbia County case cited below, State v. Kay S. Mr. Lain was alleged to have operated a marijuana grow operation and alleged to have possessed numerous firearms in his residence. Law enforcement executed a search warrant during the course of its investigation. Once again, a motion to suppress all evidence obtained during the course of the search was filed due to material misrepresentations made by the affiant to the search warrant affidavit. The court granted the motion to suppress and charges were dismissed. Click here to see a copy of the court's decision
Sidenote: A companion case was filed against Mr. Lain in Dane County - Case no. 09 CF 1471. Jury trial in that matter was held from July 18, 2011 through July 20, 2011. At trial, the defense conceded that Mr. Lain had violated two misdemeanor weapons charges, but disputed the charged felonies: possession of burglarious tools and possession of THC. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty on both felonies. Click here to see a copy of the verdicts.

United States v. Stock, 97-CR-99-S

Trial Court: Hon. John C. Shabaz
Summary of Case: This case is representative of the approach of Meyer Law Office to its cases. Mr. Stock had been charged with Money Laundering in violation of 18 U.S.C. 1957. He had allegedly used proceeds from gambling to invest in a local golf course. After we filed a successful motion to exclude the government's expert and a thorough background check of the government's key witness, the U.S. Attorney's office dismissed the case before jury selection. This case required experience in federal white collar matters, skill in the nature of the knowledge of the gambling tax rules and dedication in preparing the case for trial.

State v. Kay S., Columbia County Case No. 97 CF 321

Trial Court: Hon. Richard Rehm
Circuit Court Judge, Columbia County
Summary of Case: The defendant was alleged to have used her home to distribute marijuana. Law enforcement executed a search warrant during the course of its investigation. After a thorough investigation of the search warrant affidavit, a successful motion challenging the truthfulness of the affidavit led to the suppression of all evidence obtained during the search. All charges against the defendant were dismissed. The evidentiary hearing established that a local detective of questionable veracity had recklessly disregarded the truth in order to obtain the search warrant.

Sample Cases Tried To Jury:

State v. Stacy Hartje , Juneau County Case No. 12 CF 34

Trial Court: Hon. James Evenson
Circuit Court Judge, Sauk County
Summary of Case: The defendant was alleged to have caused great bodily harm to a child in her care by engaging in abusive head trauma. The initial trial resulted in a hung jury. The case was re-tried in October of 2015. After almost two weeks of trial, the jury returned a verdict acquitting Stacy of all charges. The case involved dozens of witnesses and intricate medical evidence. The case was tried jointly with attorney Jonas Bednarek. After the verdict was announced by the court, the judge's court reporter hugged Ms. Hartje.

United States v. Noel, 91-CR-59-S

Trial Court: Hon. John C. Shabaz
Case cite on appeal: United States v. Martinez, 988 F.2d 685 (7th Cir. 1993)
Summary of Case: This case involved a charge of first degree murder filed against Mr. Noel and two co-defendants. The case was tried for a week in November of 1991. Despite the testimony of numerous eye witnesses, the jury acquitted Mr. Noel of first degree murder and found him guilty of a lesser included offense. The case was tried under extremely difficult circumstances as the court assigned U.S. Marshals to provide intensive security in the courtroom.

United States v. Rabbitt, 93-CR-85-S

Trial Court: Hon. John C. Shabaz
Summary of Case: Defendant was charged with distributing cocaine in violation of 21 U.S.C. 841 as a repeat offender. He was alleged to have been the source of a substantial amount of cocaine to a specific hotel room in the Eau Claire area. Law enforcement secured a large amount of physical evidence by executing a search warrant. Trial was held in November of 1993. The jury acquitted Mr. Rabbitt of the charge. The state's effort to initiate charges afterwards failed.

United States v. Urso, 95-CR-77-C

Trial Court: Hon. Barbara B. Crabb
Summary of Case: Defendant was charged, along with two others, with having violated 18 U.S.C. 666 with regard to casino construction and gaming contracts with the Lac du Flambeau Indian tribe. The defendants were alleged to have offered a bribe to the son of the chief of the tribe. Despite numerous wired conversations secured by the FBI, the jury acquitted all three defendants after a week long trial in February of 1996.

State of Wisconsin vs. Scott Jensen, Dane County Case No. 02 CF 2453

Trial Court: Hon. Steven Ebert
Case cite on appeal: 2004 WI App 89, 272 Wis. 2d 707;
2nd Appellate Decision: 2007 WI App 256
Summary of Case: This case involved the charging of the Speaker of the Assembly with misconduct in public office. The case originally went up on appeal before trial on various constitutional issues. Trial was held February 21 through March 11, 2006. The jury convicted Mr. Jensen of three felony counts of misconduct in public office. The Court of Appeals, District IV, reversed the conviction on the basis of a presumptive jury instruction and the denial of the opportunity for the defense to introduce evidence on the question of intent.

State v. Kyle B., Vernon County Case No. 06 CF 42

Trial Court: Hon. Michael Rosborough
Summary of Case: Mr. Benish was charged with felony battery due to having punched
and seriously injured another individual at a party. After a three
day trial, the jury acquitted Mr. Benish of the charge.

Sample Cases Appealed:

United States v. David Weimert, 819 F.3d 351 (7th Cir. 2016)

Summary of Case: SIGTARP spent a number of years investigating Anchor Bank. When the investigation was completed, rather than focusing on the Bank's use of TARP funds, the FBI and U.S. Attorney's office decided to charge David Weimert with wire fraud for what was ostensibly normal negotiations in a commercial context. The jury convicted the defendant on five of six counts in April of 2015. However, in April of 2016 the Court of Appeals in Chicago determined that no crime was committed and ordered Mr. Weimert's immediate release.

State v. Dadas, 190 Wis. 2d 339, 526 N.W. 2d 818 (Ct. App. 1994)
District II, Court of Appeals

Summary of Case: Represented the defendant in the capacity of post-conviction counsel. Claimed that trial counsel was ineffective for having a conflict of interest. The favorable ruling received from the Court of Appeals resulted in stopping a common practice in Winnebago County where defense lawyers had a habit of representing putative co-defendants with adverse interests.

United States v. Koerth, 312 F.3d 862 (7th Cir. 2002)

Summary of Case: Stopping a trend of marginal search warrants issued by state court judges, the federal court determined that the affidavit in support was insufficient to establish probable cause. However, the decision modified the “good faith” exception to suppression to the benefit of
the government. This “good faith” modification has resulted in the case being frequently cited in search warrant cases that are appealed to the Seventh Circuit.

Office Of Lawyer Regulation v. William G., 2009 WI 18

Summary of Case: The Office of Lawyer Regulation had filed a complaint against Atty. William G. for conduct which they alleged violated an attorney's obligation to represent a client diligently and to keep a client informed of pending matters. While the case was lost before an examiner with no experience in handling criminal and traffic matters, the Wisconsin Supreme Court on appeal reversed the ruling and exonerated Attorney William G.

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