The ardent representation of persons accused of crimes, no matter what the circumstances, is a hallmark of the American system of justice. We respect that legacy and honor it.

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It takes more than calling oneself a criminal defense lawyer to be capable of and successful in representing individuals accused of serious criminal conduct. Stephen J. Meyer has a long and accomplished track record in handling these types of cases. Skill, experience and attention to detail are all required.

Stephen J. MeyerIn 2009, the National Academy of Sciences issued a report evaluating the state of forensic evidence being used in courtrooms across the country. Many disciplines were found wanting in terms of the scientific method and statistical verification. In contrast to many lawyers and courts, Attorney Meyer has embraced the report and over the past three years successfully challenged the use of forensic evidence by the government in two high profile cases.

The first case, State v. Joseph Awe, has solidified in Wisconsin, the rejection of ‘negative corpus’ as an acceptable method of arson determination.

The second case, United States v. Johnsted, case number 30 F. Supp.3d 814 (WDWI 2013), generated an opinion by Judge Conley which is being used as a model for application of Daubert and Kumho to questionable forensic evidence.

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